• Santo ISD Passed a Bond Election

    On November 7, 2023, the Santo ISD community voted to approve the district's $27 million dollar bond proposition.




  • What is included in this bond package?

    The bond measure will have one proposition and include the following:
    Proposition A: $27,000,000

    • Secondary academic wing (science lab, computer lab, 6-8 academic classrooms)
    • Repurpose of current cafeteria into elementary multi-purpose facility
    • Repurpose current gymnasium into cafetorium
    • Construction of new multi-use gymnasium (including student dressing facilities) to replace current gym repurposed for use as cafetorium
    • Additional parking
    • Repurposing existing facility for One Act Play program
    • Moving Bus Facility to recently purchased former Ferti-Tex warehouse
    • Relocation and Upgrades of existing utilities
    • Significant Safety Upgrades


    The $27 million dollar bond includes a combination of repurposing of existing facilities and new construction.

    Repurposing/Facilities Renovations ($6,521,784)

    The key component of the bond proposal centers around repurposing the existing gymnasium (1978 construction) into a cafetorium, more than doubling the square footage of the current cafeteria that has been outgrown (1969 construction). The current gymnasium is desirable for the size and its central location to all academic wings—much like the hub of a wheel with the wings being the spokes.

    The proposed cafetorium would include a new kitchen, serving line, a stage for functions, improved acoustics, SPED skills classroom space with access to a washer/dryer, and needed storage. It is perfectly located for deliveries and adjacent to the existing snack bar area. The district would move from a 5,500 sq/ft cafeteria to an approximately 12,000 sq/ft area providing cafeteria services and a greatly needed meeting/program area for students, staff, and organizations.

    The current cafeteria would be converted into a multi-purpose area used by elementary on bad weather days or excessive temperature days, and the small stage would remain for smaller elementary functions like plays, spelling bees, math bees, etc.

    Other renovations include converting an existing facility into a black box theatre for One Act Play to house their program, practices, and equipment/supplies along with lights, practice stage, and audio.

    There will be additional facility repurposing as the project develops and we search for financial efficiencies in management of the bond program.

    New Construction ($19,069,532)

    New construction would include an additional secondary (9-12) wing coming off the south end of the existing snack bar/Commons Area. It would resemble the current building and add about the same amount of square footage (17,000 sq/ft) as the secondary wing built in 2003. Additional academic classrooms, a science lab, an ag classroom, along with minor office space and a major set of student restrooms would be included in the addition. A gate would pull down, just like the current secondary wing, allowing the restrooms to be used for gymnasium access while keeping the academic wing secure.

    The academic wing would then connect to a new, multi-purpose gymnasium and dressing facilities on the far south end of the property—connecting to Palo Pinto Street. The gym would be used for all athletics, basketball, and volleyball games, and major events such as band concerts and graduation.

    Once all changes are in place, there are few times during the academic school day a student or faculty member would travel outside of the secure SISD district facility or a high-fenced area. This would be a major improvement in school safety and security for students and staff.

    Additional new construction would include needed all-weather parking as the district grows, located to the east and along Palo Pinto Street to the south. (Please see Facility Images page).