• Mrs. Nikki Byrd
    6th & 7th Math
    Morning: 7:35-7:55
    Afterschool: 3:50-4:30
    Things are crazy right now!  I hope that you are all doing well.  We know this is a difficult transition for both Face to Face learners and Remote Learners and understand that it is going to take some time...If your child is participating in Remote Learning please have your child check their Email and Google Classroom account EVERY DAY.  Their assignments and daily check in requirements will be posted in Google Classroom.  The following information provided will help guide Remote Learning Students. 

    Hey Everyone!  I wanted to explain a few expectations to you about your assignments that will be posted in Google Classroom for MATH class!

    To Access your Assignments: CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR A VIDEO TO SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THE FOLLOWING Information https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CSJJBtrLCtY0e3eIGXlvJ3bONy2pXVlf/view


    • Login to your school email. I will send you an email that has the class code for your Math class. Join the class.Go to Google.com to access your school Gmail account. Click on the image that looks like a white square with a Red “M” inside the square.  Click on this.  (It may be under APPS on the Google.com webpage.) Or you can click on 'JOIN' for my Math Class in your Google Classroom once you have accessed Google Classroom. 

    Your school email login is:

                Email/Username: firstname.lastname@santoisd.net

                Password: wildcats – (you will be prompted to reset your password to your own choice)

    Your school login information is:

               Username: firstname.lastname@santoisd.net.

               Password: wildcats – (you will be prompted to reset your password to your own choice)

    • Once you are logged into your EMAIL account you can access your Google Classroom account. Click on the 9 dot square at the top right of the page to access the Google Apps – Click on the green square with a person on it, with a yellow border to access Google Classroom.


    • ALL of your Class Assignments and your Daily Warm-Up Attendance Check Activities will be posted under the CLASSWORK tab in Google Classroom.


    • Check your EMAIL every day for important messages! You may email me with any questions about an assignment…do not wait until the assignment is due to ask questions. The questions must be asked in enough time for me to be able to get back to you and that you still have enough time to submit the completed assignment by the due date/time.


    • Check your Google Classroom Assignments EVERY DAY!!! It will instruct you what to do for that specific day! 


    • ALL of your Classwork WILL be submitted through Google Classroom. Assignments will not be accepted through email.    


    • Your classwork will consist of content from:
      1. Google Forms
      2. Google Docs
      3. Online Textbook
      4. Actual Classroom Textbook (will be sent home for you)
      5. Delta Math
      6. Get More Math
      7. Posted Video Lessons and Notes
      8. Google Meets or Zoom Meetings for Notes and Tutorials!
    • I will send you all the login information that you will need for the Online Textbook, Delta Math, Get More Math and Google Meets/Zoom.


    • You will be expected to KEEP UP with your Classroom Textbook. It is a requirement!  The classwork assigned from the Textbook will have two options of how to submit it to Google Classroom. 
      1. Option 1: You may complete the assignment directly in the book on the page and take a picture of it, upload it to your Google Drive, then attach it to the Google Classroom assignment. Next click: Turn In/Submit – don’t forget to do this! 
      2. Option 2: You may complete the assignment in Google Docs – Providing the complete answer to the question and showing proof of your work on the Doc. Then you may attach it to the Google Classroom assignment.  Next click: Turn In/Submit – don’t forget to do this! 


    I have emailed you a class code to Join your Math class.  Listed below is the code you need to use: 


    6th Grade Math: r65yu3t


    7th Grade Math: ihqzlmz


    - Mrs. Byrd

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