My child is complaining about receiving an alternate meal because they owe money in the cafeteria. What is going on with that?

    An Alternate Meal Policy was adopted in the Summer of 2009 to combat a rising problem with past due charges to the School Nutrition Department. All food and beverages must be paid for at the time of purchase or paid for in advance. This policy applies to everyone at Santo ISD, including staff and children of staff. However, district will allow up to $30/10 days in charges per child/staff member. After they reach $30/10 days in charges, School Nutrition may provide an alternate meal. Charging for snack items (i.e. cookies, ice cream, chips, cereal bars, bottled drinks, muffins, etc.) will not be allowed.
    My child was free at the start of school but now he is getting charged for meals. What happened?
    Most likely, the child was receiving free meals during the 30-day Grace Period. Any child who ended the previous school year in either the Free or Reduced-price category is granted the same benefits for the first 30 school days of the next school year. After 30 school days, if a new application has not been received and processed, the child reverts back to the PAID category and the parent is responsible for buying meals.

    How can I pay for meals?
    You can pay in several different ways. A credit card can only be used online by choosing the Meal Payments page in the lefthand menu.   A personal check can be used and sent to the school cafeteria or to the School Nutrition Department. Please send the check (made payable to Santo ISD) with your child or mail it to "Santo ISD, Attn: Cafeteria, PO Box 67, Santo TX 76472. . If you prefer to pay cash, please obtain a receipt when cash is paid to the school cafeteria. Sending cash to school with younger children is discouraged.
    Do I use net income or gross income to find out if my family qualifies for Free or Reduced-price Meals? 
    You are required to use gross income. You cannot deduct for any medical expenses, deduct for taxes, or deduct for anything else. All household income must be included on the application.

    Paid (Cafeteria) Meal Prices

    1. Breakfast - Students $1.50
    2. Breakfast - Adults $2.50
    3. Lunch - Elementary $3.00
    4. Lunch - Secondary $3.00
    5. Lunch - Adults $4.50
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