• Spanish

    Instructor: Alejandro Bernon

    Room: 412 

    Conference: 2:49-3:38

    E-mail: abernon@santoisd.net 

    Phone: 940-769-3847


    Course Learning Goals

    • To develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish through the use of learned vocabulary and grammatical concepts
    • To develop an understanding and appreciation of the Spanish/Latin American culture


    Class Rule:

    RESPECT.  We will discuss in detail what respect is to the class and what will be expected. 



    • Be prepared by having your class materials. (Book, workbook, paper and writing utensils.) 
    • Be to class on time. (door will be close when the bell rings)
    • Do not belittle your classmates


    Ways to succeed in my class:

    • Study for Test
    • Turn in your work
    • Ask questions
    • Participate in class


    Grading policy:

    • Daily Grades 60%
    • Test Grades 40%

    Late Work—without an excused absence, will be reduced by 10 for each day late. After 3rd day, you receive a zero!

    Cheating on a test or assignment will result in a grade of zero for all involved.