Facililty Use/Rental Policies

  • Santo ISD boasts excellent facilities, thanks to taxpayer support. Many of these--including the Board room, Lecture room, Commons Area, and gymnasiums--are available for pre-approved, pre-scheduled public use in accordance with the Board Policy listed below.

    Community members wish to use district facilities after school hours must follow established procedures. The superintendent’s office is responsible for scheduling the use of facilities after school hours. Contact the superintendent’s office to request to use school facilities and to obtain information on the fees charged.

    School facilities may be used by the community for non-profit functions in accordance with policy GKD (LOCAL). Use of district facilities for discretionary functions will be limited to major events where size is a consideration.

    Examples of approved use                                            Examples of non-approved use

    Community reception                                                       Gymnasium for child's party

    Non-profit groups or organizations                                    For profit group or organization

    Educational purposes                                                       Cafeteria for spouse’s birthday


    For more information on facility use or rental, please contact the Superintendent.

    Board Policy GKD (Local)