Coach Stepp (6th & 7th Grade Science)



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Coach Stepp (6th & 7th Grade Science)

Since we will not be attending class in person I will be posting all of our assignments for class online. Students please check your Google Classroom every week for updates. I will be posting all of your assignments there. We will be doing our work through EduSmart, StemScopes, LegendsofLearning, and Quizziz. If for some reason you do not remember your password for any of these sites please email me @ ESTEPP@SANTOISD.NET

Hang in there and we will get through this together!

HEY! This will be our last assignment of the year. Please do your best on this and do not rush through it. This will be taken as a TEST GRADE. The assignment is in EDUSMART.  There are interactive notes to help you get through the assignment. Please watch each one of those so you can understand the material. You will have from 5/13 - 5/20 to get these assignments complete.

If you have missed any assignments up to this point and would like them re-opened for you please email me.

If for some reason you need your login information please email me -

***If you are doing the online assignments please do not do the paper assignments as well***