*Late Homework- without an excused absence, will be reduced by 10 points for each day late! **After 3 days, a ZERO will be given! Please no whining or excuses! 
    *REMOTE LEARNERS: ALL assignments will be DUE by 4:00pm on the due date to receive full credit!
    *I will drop one daily grade each six-week period.
    *If you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain any assignments you missed while you were gone.
    (SEE "Bug Board") You may also access GOOGLE CLASSROOM for missed handouts/paperwork/etc. 
    *Approved absences- you have one day for each excused absence to make up your work. This includes daily grades and test.
    *Missed exams must be taken before or after school within the time allowed.
    *If you are absent during a lab you must make special arrangements to come in before or after school to make up the lab or get and alternative assignment.

    *Each quarter grade will consist of 40% DAILY, 5% quizzes, and 55% TEST grades.  TESTS may include chapter exams, lab exams, and major projects. DAILY WORK may include class work, homework, quizzes, labs, activities, and participation.
    *Major Projects- research projects may be assigned throughout the year. Each project will include a handout of details, expectations, and grading.