• 8th Grade HEALTH

    Instructor: Jackie Jeter

    Room: 507

    Planning period: 10:42-11:31

    E-mail address: jjeter@santoisd.net

    Phone: 940-769-3847

     Course Description: This course will provide students with the necessary information to optimize their own potential and achieve wellness in their lives.


    • Each six weeks will consist of 50% Daily Work AND 50% TESTs. Tests may include chapter exams, identification exams, and major projects. Daily work may include homework, quizzes, activities, and participation.
    • Major projects – research projects, etc. may be assigned throughout the semester. Each project will include a handout of details, expectations, and grading.

     Classroom policy:

    • Late homework- without an excused absence, will be reduced by 10 points for each day late. A ZERO will be given after the 3rd day! Please no whining or excuses!
    • MAKE-UP WORK: If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain any assignments you missed while you were gone. (SEE THE “BUG BOARD”)
    • Missed exams must be taken BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL!



    Classroom Rules:

    • Students need to be in their assigned seat and ready when the bell rings.
    • Materials (pencil, notebook) must be brought to class each day!
    • Treat everyone with respect! No talking when TEACHER is talking!
    • Cell phones must be put into “PHONE POUCH” unless permission is given by teacher.
    • Stay in your seat at all times unless permission is given by teacher!
    • No food or drink allowed in classroom. (water must be kept in a clear plastic bottle)
    • Be dismissed by the TEACHER NOT THE BELL!

    *Please take care of going to the restroom and getting drinks BEFORE the bell rings!  You will not be allowed to leave the classroom unless it is an emergency!